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These Make Great Birthday Gifts For Everyone
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Printable Birthday Newspapers

We do the research so you don't have to... All of our birthday files are historically correct.

Are you looking for the best personalized birthday gift ever? Have you been to the mall for hours but it just seems as if its all just been done before? Tired of the same old same old? The truth is everyone is tired of the same old same old...

What we offer is a mini newspaper of the events on the day a person was born. They are unique and I guarantee you will not find another inexpensive gift like this that will actually be welcomed. These PDF files can be printed from your very own printer. The greatest advantage of this is that you don't have to wait for your birthday gift to arrive in the mail. And by the way, you wont have to take out a loan to purchase them. A great gift at a great price is what we offer all of our customers. Please feel free to view a sample by clicking here. Consider the notion of free birthday newspapers verses quality birthday newspapers. Also please take a few moments to read our site policy.


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News Headlines - Presidential Birth Notice - World News - Sports News - Celebrities Who Share Your Birthday - Academy Award Winners - Music History - Congressional Debates - and More...

NOTE: The President takes note of your birth
If you want a file for James Smith then that is the name that the president makes note of...
How about that... the President making note of your birth... big grin

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Birthday Newspaper Sample
This is a sample when you print on colored paper
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Birthday Newspaper Sample 2
This is a sample when you print on white paper
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If you would like to use this background - Print the background first, then the newspaper over top of the background.


Imagine the perfect birthday gift... Something both personal and unique...
Something that says you really put some thought into this year's gift...

We have the perfect birthday gift simply because they are all personalized and one of a kind.

Purchasing your printable PDF print is as easy as entering the information requested below and clicking the "Add to cart" button below and following the directions. Once your payment is complete I will email you at the email address you provided in the payment form with your purchase.

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NOTE: These are PRINTABLE FILES and NOTHING will be mailed to your home.
All of our birthday newspapers have USA news headlines and USA President Names


We ALWAYS email our customers quickly with their purchase attached. If your email provider blocks our email to you, please read our contact page for detailed instructions on how to get in contact with us.

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NOTE: Enter the first and last name of the person the print is for along with the their birthdate in
the form of MM/DD/YYYY or the long form of October 11, 1975 to avoid confusion with different conventions.

Please be aware that we can currently do dates up to December 31st, 2016...
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All Birthday Chronicle files are emailed to the address entered during checkout.
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NOTE: Please be advised that the news headlines on your print are historically
correct for that date and we do not, nor are we able to edit any of this information.

Many sites offer birthday newspapers for free but we all know that free does not always mean free. It sometimes means you will get a poor quality generic file with lots of self serving ads within. Then again it sometimes means its "free" to visit the site and then $25 to order from that site. Can those really qualify as free birthday newspapers? I am sure you will agree with me and say that is no more than trickery. We offer high quality files that have no ads or website address within and we never send you spam emails.

Our stance is now, and always has been, your choice is free verses quality.

We respect our customers right to privacy and as such we do not email you other than to send you your file. Also, we never have and never will sell your email address to anyone. Only Paypal sees your payment information and it is never passed on to us. Your payments are 100% secure through Paypal.


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